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Face Shield

  Purpose of use

  - Workplace where flying objects with  strong shock energy occur (cutting, drilling, mining, mowing, woodworking, etc.)

  - Workplace where flying objects occur frequently (grinding, machine working, woodworking, sawmill, etc.)

  - Workplace where heat from melting metals and flying objects occur. (furnace, metalwork, nonferrous metal, glass

    processing, brazing and other heat working environment)

  - Workplace where liquid splatter and suspended particles occur (chemical, cement, pesticide spraying, painting, cleaning

    work, and hospitals, etc.)


 The excellence of OTOS Face shields lens

 - Thin and light Poly-carbonate material that has excellent impact resistance, durability and heat resistance.

 - No distortion view from the lens(KCS, ANSI, CE certificated) 

 - Wearable with other safety gears (safety glasses, goggle, masks and safety helmet)



 HDV (High Definition View) Lens Design


 Designed without any consideration of conventional optical elements, lens produce the distorted images due 

 to the difference in refractive power of light passing through the center and periphery. Our brain needs more

 visual information processing to compensate this distortion unconsciously.  This process puts a strain on the

 occipital lobe(responsible for the visual area of the brain) during the work, and it feels increased fatigue so that

 incorrect behavior appears on the stability and productivity.

 HDV, or optical design requires considerable skill and know-how to maintain the constant refractive power

 in the front and the back of the lens.  Based on accumulated technology, OTOS provides the workers optimal

 condition and excellent workability with world’s first high-qualified HDV Lens






Poly-carbonate.  Headband type.  Wide view and large protection area.  Easy shield change. Connectable

with PAPR.  Flextech headband 7 Adjustable headband’s height and  size of circumference . Wearable with

safety glasses or masks



                                                                    Flextech Headband 7





 01 Flextech Cushion 7    
Elastic frame design with high-elastic urethane cushion improve air ventilation and comfortable fitting. 
It minimizes pressure to user’s head.   

02 One-touch Upper Band 
It allows users to adjust the headgear by using one-touch button without removing the weld helmet.  

03  Top headgear cushion-2 
The upper part of the cushion is designed in a four-way arch that it distributes the welding helmet’s load 
effectively and gives comfortable fitting to any type of head. - minimizing fatigue.  

04 Adjustable headband  
Adjusting headband to fit to the head by turning the knob left and right

05 Rotative cushion pad connector 
The connector of headband and cushion pad is designed to rotate that it adjusts the angle of cushion pad 
according to user’s back head shape. 

06 X-Flex Forehead Band   
The new designed X-structure of forehead band(4 direction) is attached naturally on user’s forehead and 
it minimizes the welding helmet waving or being taken off – stable fitting. 





  • 3D curved lens, Poly-carbonate. 
  • Headband type. 
  • Adjustable headband’s height and  size of circumference .
  • 3D curved design to shape of the user’s face - wide view and large protection areas
  • Flex cushion headband 2








  • 3D curved lens, Poly-carbonate. 

  • Headband type. 

  • Adjustable headband’s height and  size of circumference.

  • 3D curved design to shape of the user’s face - wide view and large protection areas

  • Lens option : S, L

  • Flex cushion headband 2





01 Flex cushion headband adjust knob

   Adjusting by turning it left and right to fit the head size and then use it.


02 Headband height adjustment

    Adjusting the height of the headband by moving the height control plate left and right


03 Expansion of head protection area

     (F-62: 73mm è F-72: 135mm)