OTOS Philosophy & Vision




OTOS Logo                  

OTOS is the alphabetical form of shaping face with spectacles that alphabet “O” symbolizes two eyes, T for nose

and S for temples/temple tips of spectacle.  It represents  the world’s best protective face and eyewear.





OTOS Philosophy

OTOS has maintained the best in Korea in industrial protective eyewear industry. 

We are the world leading company with our excellent technology.  We try our best to maintain our world’s best

position through continuous developing new technology. 
“OTOS will not manufacture it, if it is not the worlds’ best product. "
“OTOS will not sell it, if it is not the worlds’ best product. "




OTOS Vision


OTOS acquired the most certificates as the first in Korea and Asia.  OTOS became the top company in the protective eyewear

industry in Korea.  We challenged and expanded our business to the world market and now we are exporting our products over

38 countries.  We have secured the world’s top position and we keep trying our best to maintain its position.


KS marking from Korea Occupational Safety Health Agency

-Safety Spectacles, Welding safety spectacles, Auto darkening welding helmet, Face shields, Powered air purifying respirators,
Supplied air respirators

K marking for 4 sections from Korea Industrial Standards

-Eye protection eyewear, Eye protectors for radiations, Helmet type and hand shield type protectors for welders, Eye protectors
 for vehicular users
The GOOD DESIGN marking from Korea Institute of Design Promotion


ANSI marking from US safety certificate - Auto Darkening Welding Helmet ( obtained for the world's fifth and first time in Asia in

March 1998) NIOSH marking from National Institute of Industrial Safety and Health in the U.S. ( obtained for the first time in Asia.)


CE marking from European safety standards - Auto Darkening Welding Helmet ( obtained for the world's fifth and first time in  Asia

in February 1999) COLTS Marking from Canadian Safety standards  - Auto Darkening Welding Helmet ( obtained for the first time

in Asia in September 2004) AS/NZS Marking from Australian Safety Standards.  (obtained for the first time in Asia)




Design Awards



OTOS won the world-renowned top three design awards- reddot, iF, and IDEA in 2016, achieving the first grand slam

in the protective eyewear industry. 

We have earned a great honor by winning several international design awards such as German design award, Italy

A design award, and USA SPARK awards.


* Face shields product – 2019 If design award Winner

* Airwing 3(PAPR) product -  2019 reddot winner,   2020 IDEA finalist