CEO Message


“Welcome to OTOS, I’m Huh Moon-young, CEO of OTOS.“


OTOS is the world leading company specialized in protective eyewear including safety spectacles, welding safety spectacles, auto darkening welding helmet and PAPR(powered air purifying respirators) with over 39 years experience.


"If it's not the world's best product, we don't manufacture or sell it."

As our company’s slogan, we became the world’s best leader in the protective eyewear industry through continuous R&D and technological innovation


Based on its solid technology, we have also accelerated design development and won the world-renowned top three design awards- reddot, iF, and IDEA -in 2016, achieving the first grand slam in the protective eyewear industry. We have earned a great honor by winning several international design awards such as German design award, Italy A design award, and USA SPARK awards.


We are proud to be the world’s best with solid technology through accumulated experience and know-how in the protective eyewear industry. We are confident that our safety protective technology with its outstanding technology and differentiated design will be a milestone recognized in the world.


We guarantee we try our best to become the world’s strongest global leader with safety protective technology.







                                                                                                                                                                   Moon Young Huh, CEO of OTOS.